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Revolutionizing Communication: The Future of Meeting Room Displays with Looq Sensing Technologies

In an era where digital interactions have become the norm, bridging the gap between virtual meetings and in-person discussions has been an ongoing challenge. Looq Sensing Technologies is spearheading a groundbreaking approach to revolutionize the way we communicate remotely.

Guy Lavi, CEO of Looq Sensing Technologies was interviewed by Jeffrey Davis of Radio Entrepreneurs, delving into the world of innovative technology, exploring entrepreneurs, and the stories that keep us engaged.

Jeffrey Davis: Can you tell our listeners about Looq?

Guy Lavi: Absolutely. Looq is at the forefront of developing the next generation of desktop and meeting room display monitors. These monitors are embedded with multiple sensors - audio, and video - creating an immersive experience that bridges the gap between remote communication and face-to-face meetings.

Davis: Could you provide an example of how this would enhance our professional interactions, especially in our reliance on platforms like Zoom?

Lavi: Certainly. Zoom calls, while convenient, lack certain essential nuances present in physical meetings. For instance, the direct eye contact we have in face-to-face conversations is absent in Zoom calls. Looq aims to rectify this by embedding sensors into monitors and providing wider, curved screens. These sensors allow users to regain eye contact and enhance their interaction experience.

Davis: How would individuals access this technology? Would it integrate with existing platforms like Zoom, or is it a separate monitor one needs to purchase?

Lavi: It's a standalone product, a new desktop monitor available for purchase at retailers like Best Buy or Amazon. While it's higher-end, it's designed to be affordable. These monitors will come equipped with sensors that offer eye contact, improved sound quality, and the ability to move freely within your space during calls.

Davis: That sounds intriguing. Could you explain the timeline for making this technology accessible to consumers?

Lavi: We're currently in the seed stage, having developed the core technology, an AI system that processes signals from these embedded sensors. We're collaborating with major players in the display industry to create prototypes. In a few months, we aim to deploy these prototypes to select customers.

Davis: Your background seems extensive in this field. Could you share more about your journey as an entrepreneur that led you to this point?

Lavi: With over 25 years of experience in computer vision and AI, I've founded several companies previously. One notable venture was Cathworks, a medical startup focusing on remote sensing in interventional cardiology. This company was recently acquired. Looq draws from similar sensor-based technology to enhance communication experiences.

Davis: What inspired you to embark on this specific venture?

Lavi: The drive to reach a broader audience with a solution to a daily pain point in communication was influential. We aim to provide immersive interaction without the need for additional wearables or behavioral changes. The desktop monitor seemed like a natural platform as many of us already have large screens on our desks.

Davis: How do you foresee this technology evolving and becoming available for widespread use?

Lavi: Initially, we're focusing on desktop and meeting room monitors. However, the technology has the potential to expand to various screens, including car monitors or cell phones. As desktop monitors trend toward larger, wider, and curved displays, Looq's technology seamlessly integrates into this evolution.

Davis: How can our listeners learn more about Looq Sensing Technologies?

Lavi: You can find us on our website, We're also easily reachable through our social media channels.

Davis: Guy, this sounds incredibly promising and revolutionary. I appreciate you being on Radio Entrepreneurs today.

In conclusion, Looq Sensing Technologies aims to redefine our digital interactions by embedding sensors into desktop monitors, offering a more immersive and engaging experience during remote meetings. The company’s innovative vision could potentially transform the way we communicate in our professional lives.


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