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Revolutionizing Remote Collaboration with Immersive Display Technology

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In an era where remote interactions have become increasingly prevalent, Looq is pioneering a transformative approach to bridge the gap between physical and virtual meetings. Harnessing recent research and technological innovation, Looq addresses the limitations of conventional remote communication by unveiling an immersive display technology that redefines the way individuals collaborate and engage in remote settings.

The Facts About Looq

Fact #1 underscores the uniqueness of human connectivity—the interconnection of our brains when working collectively as a group. Recent research emphasizes this aspect of human interaction, revealing that in-person engagement can amplify collaboration up to nine times more than remote connections. This disparity has long been acknowledged, and Looq seeks to revolutionize remote collaboration by addressing this inherent human need for connectedness.

Fact #2 highlights the prevailing challenges in existing remote communication tools. While current technology has advanced, the user experience remains suboptimal. Stilted conversations, attention lapses, and fatigue during usage characterize the limitations of these platforms.

Fact #3 indicates a burgeoning demand for immersive communication experiences in the corporate world. Looq recognizes this market shift and envisions simplicity as the cornerstone of its innovation—a technology designed to maximize existing real estate by integrating directional microphones, cameras, and speakers seamlessly into its display.

Looq's patent-pending interactive multi-sensing display is a game-changer. This ultra-wide curved display, available in desktop (38-inch) and meeting room sizes (starting from 55 inches), features quad high-definition resolution, embedded video/audio sensors, an AI processor, LED lighting frame, and spatial sound capabilities.

A Looq into the Future

Collaborating with a consortium of companies, including Arrow Electronics, ADLINK, TSI Touch, and others, Looq has developed a demo system on the Agora video conferencing platform. This system synchronizes backgrounds, enabling participants to sit around the same table virtually. Additionally, Looq's technology facilitates direct eye contact and directional sound as well as spatial presence, sentiment analysis, and gesture detection. The goal is to recapture the nuances of body language from in-person meetings.

The applications of Looq's technology span diverse sectors beyond the corporate realm, encompassing remote learning, tele-health, online fitness, and more. The company's unique ability to position virtual sensors anywhere on the screen in real-time ensures genuine direct eye contact and spatial sound, enhancing the authenticity of remote interactions.

With over 60 claims in different patent families, Looq has secured its intellectual property rights, establishing itself as a frontrunner in immersive, hands-free, and scalable communication solutions. The company boasts pilot customers like JP Morgan and EBSCO, signaling a substantial interest in enhancing remote collaboration and productivity among their remote workforce.

With a target market worth $10 billion, Looq's ambition aims to capture just 1% of this vast landscape. Plans for non-integrated displays with pilot customers this year and an integrated display demonstration at CES 2025 in Vegas signify the company's trajectory toward scalability and market expansion.

To execute their vision, Looq is seeking seed funding. This investment will drive product development, fortify the IP portfolio, and kickstart revenue generation through pilot customers. Bolstered by a seasoned core team with expertise in various domains, including display technology, remote sensing, computer vision, AI, and signal processing, Looq stands at the forefront of revolutionizing remote collaboration.

Looq's groundbreaking technology represents a paradigm shift in remote communication, promising to redefine how individuals connect and collaborate across various sectors, transcending the limitations of traditional remote interactions. All you need is the Looq monitor to get started. Plug it in and turn it on to Looq inside the future of remote communication.


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