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Elevating Customer Engagement Leveraging Looq Sensing Technologies Desktop and Meeting Room Display

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In today's dynamic business landscape, the essence of customer engagement and effective presentations holds paramount importance. Companies, such as EBSCO, are constantly seeking innovative solutions to bridge the gap between remote interactions and in-person engagements. Looq Sensing Technologies monitors are embedded with multiple sensors - audio, and video - that offer them an immersive experience that can completely change customer interactions, sales presentations, and internal meetings for companies such as EBSCO.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

EBSCO's global engagements, whether through 'Open Days,' technology showcases, or advisory board meetings, necessitate a seamless and immersive connection with customers. Looq empowers their business to transcend the limitations of remote meetings. Looq monitors mean that EBSCO can infuse a new dimension into interactions, fostering richer engagement and deeper connections with customers and prospects across the globe.

Revolutionizing Sales Presentations

The pivotal moment in any sales journey lies within the presentation and demonstration of products. Looq's capabilities extend beyond mere remote presentations. It offers a unique edge through sentiment analysis, enabling EBSCO to gauge and comprehend the audience's reactions in real time using embeded sensors and providing wider, curved screens. These sensors allow users to regain eye contact and enhance their interaction experience and also invite dynamic adjustments, ensuring that sales pitches resonate more effectively, ultimately leading to heightened customer perception and enhanced conversion rates.

Transforming Internal Collaboration

The work landscape has undergone a monumental shift towards remote or hybrid setups. EBSCO's reliance on platforms like Teams for internal meetings highlights the necessity for a more immersive experience. The Looq monitor bridges this gap by recreating a sense of real-life interaction, thereby making remote meetings feel more like in-person gatherings. This can foster increased participation, collaboration, and a more engaging internal environment.

As EBSCO and similar enterprises navigate the evolving world of remote interactions, the integration of the Looq monitor emerges as a catalyst for meaningful change.

“ At EBSCO we are embracing the Looq monitor as an innovative solution, to elevate customer experiences, amplify sales effectiveness, and cultivate a more vibrant internal culture. The future of customer engagement lies in the combination of technology and human connection, and the Looq monitor will offer a gateway to new immersive interaction without the need for additional wearables or behavioral changes.”


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